Thematic Literature
This section provides specific themes on the subject matter of environmental economics. Each theme consists of Journal Article, Working Paper, Discussion Paper, and Books etc. This detailed literature survey is being updated regularly. 


Area of Environmental Economics Download Literature
Common Property Resources

PDF Format (59.4 K)

Land Degradation

PDF Format (44 K)

Environment and Health

PDF Format (71.1 K)

Valuation of Biodiversity

PDF Format (86.2 K)

Contingent Valuation Method

PDF Format (149 K)

Hedonic Price Method

PDF Format (135 K)

Travel Cost Method

PDF Format (48.7 K)

Green Accounting

PDF Format (41.6 K)

Trade and Environment

PDF Format (74.5 K)

Impact of Climate Change

PDF Format (41 K)

Mitigation of Climate Change

PDF Format (61.3 K)

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