Resources for Environmental Economics
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Assessing Environmental Values: The Damage Schedule Approach
Common Property Resources
Decision Making and Valuation for Environmental Policy
Developing Conjoint Stated Preference Methods for Valuation of Environmental Resources 
Economic Valuation of Environmental Benefits and the Targeting of Conservatio Programs: The Case of the CRP
Economic Valuation of Wetlands 
Ecosytem Valuation
Ecosystem Valuation: Policy Applications for the Patuxent Watershed Ecological-Economics Model
Empirical Cost Equations for Wetland Creation
Evaluating Bintuni Bay: Some Practical Lessons in Applied Resource Valuation
Economic Analysis of Indonesian Coral Reefs 
Experiments in Environmental Economics: A Survey 
Future of Environmental Economics
Innovation in the Valuation of Ecosystems: A Forest Application 
Investments in Biodiversity Prospecting and Incentives for Conservation 
Monetary Measurement of Environmental Goods and Services 
National Parks: Making Conservation Pay 
NOAA's Coastal and Ocean Resource Economics
Non-Market Economic User Values of the Florida Keys/Key West
Readings in the Field of Natural Resource & Environmental Economics 
Sewage or Swimming? The Recreational Value of East Lake, Wuhan, China
Sustainable Earth Exchange: Link Information for Educators 
Striking the Balance: Economics and the Environment 
The Beijer Institute Discussion Papers 
The Demand For Fishing Licenses and the Benefits of Recreational Fishing
The Economic Valuation of Mangroves: A Manual for Researchers 
The Economic Valuation of Tropical Forest Land Use Options: A Manual for Researchers
The Economic Value of Wetlands: Wetlands' Role in Flood Protection in Western Washington
Updating Prior Methods for Non-Market Valuation
Valuation and Environmental Policy 
Valuation of Biodiversity for Use in New Product Research in a Model of Sequential Search 
Values of the Hadejia-Nguru Wetlands 
Valuing and Managing Ecosystems
Valuing Urban Wetlands: A Property Pricing Approach 
Wetland Creation in the Kävlinge River Catchment, Scania, South Sweden 
World Bank Environmental Economics and Indicators (EEI) – Environmental Valuation 


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