Resources for Environmental Economics

Readings in the Field of Natural Resource & Environmental Economics 

by Robert N Stavins and Alexander S.P. Pfaff 

Annotated Bibliography of Economic and Biological Research Related to the Fishery Resources of the United States, Compiled By John M. Ward, National Marine Fisheries Service
Revealed Preference Random Utility Models in Recreation Demand By George Parson  
Biodiversity Bibliography: Ecology, Economics and Policy By Steve Polasky 
Tradable Permits Bibliography By Tom Tietenberg
Sustainable Development Web PageBy Tom Tietenberg
Green Accounting Bibliography By Gernot Wagner
Environmental Macroeconomics Bibliography By Gernot Wagner
EVRI's Benefits Transfer Bibliography
Property Rights Bibliography Compiled by Charlotte Hess
Tragedy of the Commons Bibliography By Gernot Wagner
Bibliography on Advanced Principles in Environmental Policy


SANDEE’s Bibliographies

Poverty-Environment Bibliography
Air Pollution and Health  
Economics of Forest Land Use in Developing Countries
Bibliography on Common Property Resources and Community Management of Natural Resources  
Economics and Management of Biodiversity  
Valuing and Managing Coastal and Wetland Biodiversity  
Economics of Forest and Mountain Biodiversity
Bibliography on Non Timber Forest Products Conservation and Management
Bibliography on Pesticide Use and Health Costs  
Bibliography on Valuations of Statistical Life  
Bibliography on Economics of Solid Waste Management


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