Environmental Economics Resources available at MSE
Following are the Journals  in Environmental Economics at MSE Library.

Name of the Journal

Available From

Annual Review of Energy and Environment 1998
Down to Earth 1997
Ecological Economics 1997
Energy Economics 1997
Energy policy 1997
Environment and Development Economics 1996
Environment and Resource Economics 1996
Environmental Conservation 1999
Environmental Economics and Policy Studies 2000
Environment and Urbanisation 2007
Journal of Environment and Development 1997
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 1997
Land Economics 1999
Powerline  2000
Resource and Energy Economics 1997
TERA Green 2007
TERI Annual Report 1996
TERI Energy Data Directory and Yearbook (TEDDY) 1995
TERI Information Digest on Energy and Environment (TIDEE) 1996
TERI Journal of Environmental Studies and Policy 1998
TERI Journal of Solar Energy Society of India 1996
TERI Newsletter of Asian Energy Institute 1996
TERI Newsletter of Solar Energy Society of India 1998
TERI Newswire : News Abstracts on Economics, Energy and Environment 1997
TERI Pacific and Asian Journal of Energy 1996
TERI Regulateri 2007
TERIScope 1998
Wetland News 2003
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