Trade and Environment - Environmental Requirements and India's Exports of Leather and Leather Products
Project Team: Dr. U. Sankar, Mr. A. Sahasranaman, Mr. S. Jawahar, Mr. M. Ramachandran, Mr. S.Tholkappian, Ms. Mamatha Rao, Mr. N. Karthikeyan and Ms.B. Preethi.
Time Period: 2004 - 2005
Project Summary:
  • To undertake a review of trade and environment literature focusing on theory, institutions and policy issues. 
  • To consider the actions taken by developed countries to ban or restrict or reduce access to exports of leather and leather products from developing countries, particularly India. 
  • To study the global supply chain of the leather industry from raw material stage to finished product stage, and identify temporal and cross-country changes at various stages 
  • To review policies and practices adopted by other major exporting countries in coping with domestic and global environmental requirements and trade liberalization. 
  • To study the supply chain of the Indian leather industry and the responses of the industry to changes in the domestic and global policy environments 
  • To assess the preparedness of the industry, particularly the tanning segment, in meeting the domestic and global environmental requirements, and to estimate the actual or/and normative environmental compliance costs and their shares in the export prices. 
  • To review India’s trade policy with respect to exports of leather and leather products, analyze trends in the composition and direction of trade, and India’s share in the global leather market. 
  • To design and conduct a survey of Indian leather exporters to know about their awareness of the environmental requirements abroad and the problems they face in complying with the requirements. 
  • To suggest policy packages to enhance the export prospects of the Indian leather industry while complying with the environmental requirements.