Green Business - The latest information in Environmental Economics
An important pathway towards sustainability for business and industry is the improvement of production system through technologies and process that utilize resources more effectively and at the same time produce fewer wastes. Environment Sound Technology and Cleaner Production Technology play a key role in improving productivity while protecting environment. They are less polluting, use resources in a more sustainable manner and recycle more of their wastes and products. 

Green (Sustainable) Business will help guide business and industry to incorporate these technologies into their daily business and production activities and encourage governments and local authorities to favour the use of such technologies.

News on Green Initiatives

Provides information on latest improvements and trends in the field of Environment from all over the world. It contains news on green initiatives taken by various types of industries and up-to-date information on environmental happenings... more

Green Business Case Studies and Articles

This section provides some of the case studies of successful applications involving environmentally sound technologies in developing countries to curb the problem of pollution, waste management, energy efficiency, land degradation, green building, climate change etc...  more

Environment Policies of Indian Industries

Most of the industries in India have committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of health, safety and environmental performance. Major industries have committed to comply with environmental laws and regulatory standards. For reflecting their commitment to protect the environment, industries have made big contributions in environmental performance by adopting environmental sound technologies...  more



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