Environmental Economics Resources available at MSE
The MSE library is rapidly building up to be one of the leading professional research and reference libraries in Chennai. All bibliographic details of books, journals, reports and CD-ROM databases are accessible through the campus-wide Ethernet network from a dedicated database server. Currently the library has over 9000 volumes, which includes 6000 Books, 2355 Back volumes, 1000 Reports, 169 Theses and it subscribes to over 100 national and international journals. The library has resources in the fields of Environmental Economics, International Trade, Financial Economics, Energy Economics and Capital Markets apart from books in basic branches like Econometrics, Mathematical Economics, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics and Agricultural Economics. It also aims to build a comprehensive collection of back volumes of journals in the field of Economics and related areas.

Following are some of the resources under Environmental Economics at MSE Library

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