Indian Studies - Damage Assessment

Following are some of the studies in the field of Damage Assessment. Click on the Title of the study to get more details of the work done.
Economic Assessment of Environmental Damage: A Case study of Industrial Water Pollution in Tiruppur.
Author : Paul P.Appasamy with Prakash Nelliyat, N.Jayakumar and R.Manivasagan, MSE, Chennai.
Source :
Environmental Economics Research Committee (EERC) projects.
Economic valuation of health damage in North Chennai using a comparative risk assessment framework
Author : Dr Kalpana Balakrishnan, Dr V Ramasubramanian, Dr K Srividya, Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute, Chennai.
Source : Environmental Economics Research committee project
The cost of Inaction: Valuing the Economy-wide costs of Environmental Degradation in India
Author : Carter Brandon and Kristen Hommann
Source : This paper was presented at the "Modeling Global Sustainability" conference United Nations University, Tokyo, October 1995.


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