Indian Studies -- Compliance Costs

Following are some of the studies in the field of Compliance Costs. Click on the Title of the study to get more details of the work done.
Water pollution abatement by small isolated industries: Case studies from Haryana and Gujarat.
Author : Smita Misra and M.N.Murty
Source : Economics of Industrial pollution abatement: Theory and Empirical evidences from the Indian experience (January 1998)
Collective action for pollution control : Experiences of some Industrial Estates in South India.
Author : M.NMurty and U.R.Prasad.
Source : Economics of Industrial Pollution Abatement: Theory and Empirical evidence from the Indian experience (January 1998)
Failure of Collective Action As An Institution- Lessons from Kundli, Haryana
Author : Vinish Kathuria
Source : This paper is a part of the SANDEE Project titled ' Industrial Pollution Control: Choosing the Right Option'


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