Projects undertaken/proposed by MSE under the Centre of Excellence

Environmental Cost Benefit Analysis of NTPC Kawas
Project funded by NTPC. The project team comprising, Dr. U. Sankar, Dr. K.R. Shanmugam and Dr. Sukanya Das, submitted draft final report to NTPC in the first week of May 2014
Developing Sustainable Development Indicators
Project supported by the MoEF The concept paper detailing the indicators chosen was prepared during the quarter. The same was not circulated to the Expert members and the Ministry as it was felt that indicators along with preliminary analysis would provide a proper perspective. The draft report with first-cut analysis of the indicators will be submitted to the Ministry and Expert members for comments by August 2013
Social Cost Benefit Analysis of Bithnok Lignite Mine Project
Project supported by Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd. The project team comprising of Dr. U. Sankar, Dr. K.R. Shanmugam and Dr. Zareena Begum submitted the final report to NLC in May 2013. The report provided financial as well as social cost benefit analysis of the mine project.
Climate Change, Agriculture and Migration
Project sponsored by SANDEE The project team comprising of Dr. Brinda Viswanathan and Dr. K.S. Kavi Kumar submitted the final report to SANDEE in February 2013
Fiscal Instruments for Climate-Friendly Industrial Development in Tamil Nadu
Sponsored by CII. The project aims to facilitate climate friendly industrial development in the state of Tamil Nadu by developing suitable fiscal instruments. The project team comprising of Dr. D.K. Srivastava, Dr. K.R. Shanmugam, Dr. K.S. Kavi Kumar and Dr. Madhuri Saripalle submitted the draft final report to CII in March 2013
Supporting Policy Research to Inform Agricultural Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia
Sponsored by Global Development Network. Dr. K.S. Kavi Kumar serving as team leader for the South Asia team working on the sub-theme of the project, ‘Addressing Long-term Challenges to Food Security and Rural Livelihoods’, submitted the final report in June 2012. The report has been brought out as GDN working paper along with a policy brief.
Feasibility of Incentive Based Environmental Regulatory Instruments in State and Central Taxation
Project Team: Dr. D.K Srivastava, Dr. C. Bhujanga Rao.
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Green Incentives for Electricity 
Project Team: Dr. R. Hema and Dr. K.S. Kavikumar.
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Climate Change Impacts on Indian Agriculture: Role of Information Diffusion, Technological Development and Multiple Stresses 
Project Team: Dr. K. S. Kavikumar.
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Natural Resources Accounting for Land and Water Resources in Tamil Nadu 
Project Team: Dr. Paul P Appasamy, Dr. K.R. Shanmugam, Mr. Prakash Nelliyat, Mr. Sacchidananda Mukherjee.
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Economic Assessment of Environmental Damage: A Case Study of Industrial Water Pollution in Tiruppur
Project Team: Paul P. Appasamy with Prakash Nelliyat, N. Jayakumar and R. Manivasagan.
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Can Markets Value Water Scarcity and Quality in India: An Analysis Using Hedonic Approach 
Project Team: Dr. G S Haripriya and Dr. Vinish Kathuria.
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Water Resources, Livelihood Security and Stakeholders Initiatives in a River Basin Context - An Assessment of Point and Non-point Sources of Pollution and their Impact
Project Team: Dr. Paul P Appasamy, Dr. K.R. Shanmugam, Mr. Prakash Nelliyat, Mr. Sacchidananda Mukherjee.
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Relationship between Trade Measures in Multilateral Environmental Agreements and the WTO Rules
Project Team: Dr. Bharat H. Desai, JNU., Dr. Biswajit Dhar, IFT., Shri S.C. Dey, GTF., Shri Pradeep S. Mehta, CUTS., Shri S. Ramaiah, Former Law Secretary., Shri Sanjay Kumar, Ministry of Commerce and Industry., Ms. Preeti Srivastava, Ministry of Environment and Forests., Dr. K.S. Kavikumar, MSE, Invitee., Dr. U. Sankar, MSE, Lead Expert.
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Environmental Sustainability and Human Development in Tamil Nadu 
Project Team: Dr. Paul P Appasamy (Principal Investigator) and Mr. Prakash Nelliyat.
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