Projects undertaken/proposed by MSE under the Centre of Excellence
Economy-wide Impacts of Pollution in India: Meta Analysis
Project supported by the MoEF Comments are awaited from the Ministry on the draft final report submitted in October 2013. Though comments were also invited from independent experts on the report, following the Ministry’s suggestion it has been decided to consider the inputs from the experts only after the approval of the report by the Ministry.
Trade-Environment – Textile Sector
Project supported by the MoEF Following the suggestion made at the 13th Steering Committee meeting held on 16th November 2012, comments were sought from the External Experts on the Textile Project report. The comments were forwarded to the Ministry on 10th December 2012 for further inputs. After incorporating the consolidated comments, the report will be finalized before March 2013. The project team included Dr. K.S. Kavi Kumar, Dr. Zareena Begum, Dr. Sukanya Das, Dr. Elumalai Kannan, and Dr. G. Badrinarayanan.
Preparation of Base Paper on Green Economy
Project sponsored by the MoEF The final report of the project was submitted to the Sustainable Development division of the Ministry in July 2012. The report is also being published under MSE Monograph series. The project team included Dr. K.S. Kavi Kumar, Dr. Ramprasad Sengupta, Dr. Maria Saleth, Dr. K.R. Ashok and Dr. R. Balasubramanian.
Coping with Pollution in India with Eco-Taxes: Integrated Approach Consistent with GST Regime
Project Team: Dr. D.K. Srivastava and Dr. Bhujanga C. Rao.. 
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A Proposal to Levy Taxes on Polluting Inputs and Outputs
Project Team: Dr.Raja J. Chelliah, Dr. U.Sankar, Dr. Paul P Appasamy, Dr. Rita Pandey
Consultants: Mr. B.C. Rastogi, Ms. M. Karpagam, Dr. S. Jeyaraj, Dr. Vinish Kathuria, Dr. Joseph Thomas, Dr. S. Renganarayanan, Dr. R. Sethumadhavan, Mr. Sacchidananda Mukherjee. 
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Trade and Environment - Environmental Requirements and India's Exports of Leather and Leather Products
Project Team: Dr. U. Sankar, Mr. A. Sahasranaman, Mr. S. Jawahar, Mr. M. Ramachandran, Mr. S.Tholkappian, Ms. Mamatha Rao, Mr. N. Karthikeyan and Ms.B. Preethi. 
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Utilization of Fly-ash by brick manufactures - Environmental Costs Vs Benefits
Project Team: Dr. Vinish Kathuria (Principal Investigator), Mr. Natarajamurthy. 
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Economic Analysis of Environmental Impact Assessment EIA in India: Cost of Delays, Impacts & Mitigation Measures
Project Team: Dr. K. S. Kavikumar, Ms. Lavanya Ravikanth Anneboina.
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