Indian Studies - Benefit Estimation

Following are some of the studies in the field of Benefit Estimation. Click on the Title of the study to get more details of the work done.
Valuing Health Impacts: A Case study of air pollution in New Delhi
Author : Anil Markandya et.al
Source :
Environmental Economics for Sustainable Growth
Valuing Urban Slum improvements in Visakhapatnam, India
Author : Peter Abelson.
Source : Project Appraisal and valuation of the environment: General principles and six case - studies in developing countries, Peter Abelson
Economics Analysis of Biodiversity Conservation - The Case of Tropical Forests in the Western Ghats.
Author : Dr K N Ninan, Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore
Source : Environmental Economics Research Committee (EERC) projects
Willingness - to - pay for Borivili National Park: Evidence from a Contingent valuation.
Author : Hadker, Nandini, Sharma Sudhir, Ashish David and Muraleedharan T.R.,
Source :
Ecological Economics 21 (1997)
Measuring Non-user Benefits From Cleaning Ganges
Author : James, A.J. and Murty M.N.
Source :
Part of a detailed study on "The cost benefit analysis of Ganga Action Plan project" carried out by Institute of Economic Growth, New Delhi
Measuring Benefits from Industrial Water Pollution Abatement: Use of Contingent Valuation Methods in Nandesari Industrial Area.
Author : Smita Misra
Source :
Economics of Industrial Pollution Abatement: Theory and Empirical evidence from the Indian experience (January 1998)
Valuing the Benefits of Air Pollution Abatement using a Health Production Function  A Case study of Panipat Thermal Power Station (PTPS), India
Author : Surender Kumar and D.N.Rao
Source :
Environment and Resource Economics, 2001 (20)
Economic aspects of Wildlife Protection in Developing Countries: A case study of Keoladeo national park, Bharatpur, India
Author : M.N. Murthy and Susan M. Menkhaus,
Source :
Study conducted at the Institute of Economic Growth.
The Valuation of Biodiversity Within Protected Areas: Alternative Approaches and A Case Study.
Author : Chopra, Kanchan.
Source :
This paper was presented at the World Congress of Environment and Resource Economists held at Venice, 25-27 June 1998.
Valuing recreational benefits of urban forestry- A case study of Chandigarh (India) city.
Author : Pradeep Chaudhry.
Source :
Ph.D thesis, awarded by FRI (deemed university), Dehradun-248006, India, 2006.


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