About CoE
The recognition that the economic growth cannot be sustainable without finding efficient solutions for sustainable resource and environmental management has spurred interest in environmental economics among researchers and policy makers. A lot of independent and multidisciplinary research is being done on various important environmental issues. However to realize the goal of sustainable environmental management there must be a common platform that brings together multidisciplinary researchers and decision makers to discuss environmental and natural resource issues and make sensible environmental policy decisions.

This has resulted in designating Madras School of Economics as a Center for Excellence in Environmental Economics by the MOEF in 2002. The Center will receive substantial funds over the next five years to do research on issues of national importance and will also develop a website on environmental economics. The website is being developed with the financial support from the Ministry of Environment and Forests. As a part of its research agenda COE has decided to work on
  • design of economic instruments for environmental protection,
  • cost-benefit analysis,
  • trade and environment
  • applied policy-oriented topics of interest to the MOEF.

MSE has already carried out the various projects like, “A Proposal to Levy Taxes on Polluting Inputs and Outputs”, “Trade and Environment - Environmental Requirements and India's Exports of Leather and Leather Products”, “Utilization of Fly-ash by Brick Manufacturers - Environmental Costs vs. Benefits” and etc, and at present doing work on “Economic Analysis of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in India: Costs of Delays, Impacts and Mitigation Measures”, Environmental Accounting of Land and Water Resources and etc,.

List of projects carried out in Madras School of Economics.
List of Projects under Centre of Excellence, MSE. 

Another important agenda of COE is to develop teaching materials with recent developments in theory and policy and also prepare dissemination papers on selected themes in environmental economics for non-economists. We hope to build capacity through specialized training to researchers, scholars, policy makers and other interested individuals and collaborate with other institutions/individuals.

The website is developed in-house by the MSE team with the following main objectives: 

  • Dissemination of university teaching and training materials, data research findings (primarily done in India) and references in the thematic area of environmental economics
  • To build an on-line community and promote collaboration between researchers, scholars, policy makers and other interested individuals and foster the development of recommendations for policies related to environment 
  • To enable researchers, scholars, policy makers and other interested individuals to work with information from multiple sources in a cost and time efficient manner
  • To offer reliable and credible information on news and issues related to environment including information about conferences, training workshops, and fellowships
  • To provide for a forum for public discourse for environmental issues
  • To work closely with industry in providing information on issues which are of interest to the industry and also to provide information on environmental manpower requirements in different industries in India

A new building for COE has constructed by MSE with a view to augmenting facilities for the faculty members, researchers and project staff working in environmental economics and provide support facilities like Lecture hall and Computer rooms. This would also enable MSE to undertake research on important projects, offer training programs and organize seminars and workshops.

COE is committed to make a substantial difference to the environmental economics research in India and get its findings into the right hands that help in shaping environmental policies.

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