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Madras School of Economics has been designated as a Center for Excellence in Environmental Economics by the MOEF from 2002. The main objectives of the Center are to do research on issues of national importance along with providing teaching and training support to students, technicians, economists, non-economists, industry and disseminate the relevant and latest information in the field of environmental economics (Vision Document, 2012-2017). This website is a part of its dissemination activities. Through this website we aim to disseminate teaching and training materials, data, research findings and references in the thematic area of environmental economics; provide information about conferences, training workshops and fellowships in the area of environmental economics and act as a forum for public discourse of environmental issues.

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A Dynamic Economic Model Of Soil Conservation Involving Genetically Modified Crop

Energy Use Patterns And Firm Performance: Evidence From Indian Industries

Analyzing the Pathway to Improve Tiger Conservation in India



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